Michelle and Craig’s Wedding

Michelle and Craig chose quite a fashion-orientated feel for their Brisbane wedding portraits. It suited their style and their personalities. I’ve decided to add this wedding to the blog because I get a lot of comments on it as one of my display albums. It often raises two questions – the style of portraits and the time allocation for portraits.

The answer for both is “It’s up to you”. Your wedding day is all about you, naturally. While that can be a cliched phrase, in reality what it means is that it’s my role as a photographer to show you a range of work, listen as you tell me what you want and advise you on how best to achieve it. I want to know what you do and don’t like; whether you have a preference for more fashion styled images or more candid styled images – or a mix of both.

It all comes down to me creating something which suits you as a couple. If you’re not normally a touchy-feely pair, then you probably don’t want to be drooling over each other in your wedding portraits! In this case, popping off to a location which creates an visually interesting background for me to take more candid portraits of you simply interacting with each other is probably more your thing. And if you’re a pair of smoochers, smooch away :)

In terms of time allocation, the honest answer is that if you want great photos you have to make the time for them. BUT.. This doesn’t have to mean being away from your guests for hours on end. It means considering, consulting, and planning. Allocating a person from each family to gather the required people for the family portraits has been working brilliantly for my couples lately. It’s a very efficient way of getting through the groups and moving on to the portrait locations. Choosing picturesque locations for your portraits away from, but enroute to, your reception venue is very popular. Aside from the range of portraits you’ll have, shooting away from your guests is usually somewhat more time efficient as we can focus on the task and get you back to your guests as quickly as possible. Whether you choose 1 or 300 locations for your portraits, we’ll work efficiently and creatively to give you what you want, and have fun in the process!