The view from my old front yard… #summerenvy

With so many people tormenting me with talk of surf lessons (yes, I’m talking about you Mr & Mrs SeanCurtinPhotography!), beach camping, and my brother moving his family to a waterfront house on the Queensland’s Bribie Island, I began reminiscing of summers in Queensland!  It’s a dangerous thing to do during a confused Irish summer, but let’s just say I have a new favourite desktop image to mildly calm my itchy beach-feet!

This is Currumbin Beach, on Australia’s Gold Coast. Not a bad view as your front yard – even if most days I was rushing past it to get the bus to the studio! It’s a beautiful area, with tropical hinterland just behind. It’s 30 minutes south of the tourist mecca of Surfer’s Paradise, so much more relaxed with some great beachside cafés and restaurants locally. A great spot for honeymooners!!!

Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia ©

The many moods of the West of Ireland

Long, long before I moved to Ireland, I swore that one day I would open a photographic art gallery+café somewhere on the west coast, after staying at my cousin Majella’s home in Clare, and falling madly in love with the coastal scenery. Okay, so I haven’t quite made it there yet, but on my ever expanding To Do list in life, there are still many boxes to tick.

One of those is to keep exploring, and keep snapping. If photography was “just a job” to me, I would have given it up long ago. In fact, when I moved to Ireland nearly 4 years ago, I was looking for a career change. What I found instead was that without a camera, I’m a very grumpy girl! So now that I’m back working for myself this year and creating my own images, life is pretty cool :)

This morning I’ve had a little catch up on editing my personal work. These landscapes were taken during a road-trip just before I headed back to Australia last December. They show the many moods of one afternoon in Connemara, Galway, on the amazing west coast of Ireland. Sorry Melbourne, this beats your four seasons in one day! ;)

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