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Dublin portraits – Mel and Richie

Autumn painted an ideal range of backgrounds for my pre-wedding portrait with my Aussie Bride-to-be, Mel, and her Irish Groom-to-be, Richie. The guys live in my hometown of Brisbane in Australia, which tends not to see the diverse spectrum of seasonal colours on show in Ireland.  So a wander around some of Dublin’s parklands gave us a chance to gush over our common love of the ornate shapes and design we see in trees during their seasonal changes here.   Here’s a little peak at their portrait shoot.

Belated post for birthday boy, Finn

On Easter Sunday we set up my little nephew Finn’s first Easter egg hunt amongst the sand dunes on a Bribie Island beach (that’s in sunny Queensland). Big sister Tenaiha did a magnificent job as official egg hider, with only minor confusion every time Finn found his collecting basket empty and more eggs back in the dunes.  Eventually, bored by warm, squishy (and sandy) chocolate, and unhappy with the quality of sticks to play with in the dunes, he took Daddy, Grandma and his best friend in the whole wide world, Grandpa, to dip their toes in the ocean.  Finn is a big 2 year old today, with a cute little hybrid Australian-Irish accent as he spends lots of time with Grandpa. Together they like to feed “de dooks” and “de birrrdies”; count “one, two, tree”; and say “ah t’anks” a lot!

Pre-wedding portraits in Dublin | Sara and Ben

I met with Sara and Ben in the city centre for their pre-wedding portrait shoot on one of the sunniest Dublin days I’ve experienced. It was almost like being back in Queensland! This great little lane-way provided the perfect soft light. Neither Sara nor Ben had had their portraits taken previously — obviously they’re naturals! Bríona and I are looking forward to photographing their coming wedding day this June.